Who We Are

Who We Are
Tazpit Press Service (TPS),  Israel's News Agency, is a non-profit founded in 2010.

What is a news agency?
A news agency, like Associated Press and Reuters, and national news agencies, distributes its coverage to all the media outlets in its network. One news agency article, video, or photograph can be reprinted in 100s of media outlets.
For that reason, news agencies are the most influential media source today.

Why does Israel need a news agency?
TPS is at the scene when news breaks, making sure that coverage is accurate and complete.
By getting the truth out first, TPS prevents biased coverage from making an impact.
TPS also shows the complete picture in Israel - from technology to archaeology.
TPS is the only news agency investing in investigations from an Israeli perspective.

How does TPS make it happen?
TPS’ impact is made by its dedicated staff and over 300 volunteers across Israel. With such a wide network of citizen journalists, TPS is uniquely positioned to cover the complete picture of Israel's news.


News service

Full coverage of daily events from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Gaza with photos, video, and articles.

Photo and video

Find the footage and photos you need in TPS's comprehensive media bank, updated daily.

Your team in Israel

TPS's expertise provides a full-service solution for journalists and producers. Complete your project in Israel with minimum stress, maximum success.

News - Editor's Picks

Israelis Launch App that Can Help Stem Spread of Coronavirus in US

A group of Israelis has joined together to create an app that can connect millions of people across the world and stem the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), with a focus on the US, which is readily becoming the epicenter of the global outbreak.

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Palestinian Authority Accuses Israel of Spreading Coronavirus in “Biological Warfare’

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been recruited by the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its use in incitement against Israel, claiming that “Israel and IDF soldiers have become agents of the Coronavirus for the deliberate infection of the Palestinians” and that Israel is conducting “biological warfare against the Palestinians.”

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Israeli Company MyHeritage To Set Up Corona Test-Lab in Israel, Boosting Country’s Screening Abilities

Israeli online genealogy platform MyHeritage has teamed up with the Chinese genetics research center and genome sequencing company BGI to utilize its technology in establishing a laboratory to test Israelis for the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), boosting the country’s daily screening abilities by another 10,000 tests.

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Israeli-PA Joint Fight Against Coronavirus is Expanding

srael and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have engaged in direct contacts for the joint fight against the Coronavirus, despite the PA recently announcing the cessation of all coordination channels and

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