Who We Are

Who We Are
Tazpit Press Service (TPS),  Israel's News Agency, is a non-profit founded in 2010.

What is a news agency?
A news agency, like Associated Press and Reuters, and national news agencies, distributes its coverage to all the media outlets in its network. One news agency article, video, or photograph can be reprinted in 100s of media outlets.
For that reason, news agencies are the most influential media source today.

Why does Israel need a news agency?
TPS is at the scene when news breaks, making sure that coverage is accurate and complete.
By getting the truth out first, TPS prevents biased coverage from making an impact.
TPS also shows the complete picture in Israel - from technology to archaeology.
TPS is the only news agency investing in investigations from an Israeli perspective.

How does TPS make it happen?
TPS’ impact is made by its dedicated staff and over 300 volunteers across Israel. With such a wide network of citizen journalists, TPS is uniquely positioned to cover the complete picture of Israel's news.


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Groundbreaking Study Finds Literacy in Kingdom of Judah was Widespread

A groundbreaking study conducted by Tel Aviv University in conjunction with a forensic handwriting examiner which examined texts from the biblical-period fortress at Tel Arad found that they were written by 12 different authors showing that contrary to popular belief, many people in the kingdom of Judah could read and write and literacy was not the exclusive domain of a few royal scribes.

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Mahmoud Abbas – The Twilight Era

The man who came to power after Yasser Arafat’s death and determined the strategy of the “political intifada” and rejected the armed struggle in Israel is about to leave the stage, tomorrow or the day after. Mahmoud Abbas’ strategy is known in Ramallah as the “waiting policy.” This term is used as criticism and to ridicule Abbas who preferred to wait outside the arena rather than be an active player.

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Learning in Quarantine: Foreign Students Return to Israel

During their two-week quarantine, Kol Ami participants are still learning about Israel, Judaism, and Jewish culture, from their rooms.

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Magnificent and Rare Remains of Royal Structure from Time of Kings of Judah Exposed in Jerusalem

Splendid and unique remains of a royal structure from the time of the Kings of Judah were recently discovered in an excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) on the famous Armon Hanatziv promenade in Jerusalem.

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